About Newray -- Class #1 Glass Bottle Supplier

Established in 1997, NEWRAY is only a trading company as thousands of glass companies in China. Our founder Mr. David who worked in the state-owned glass factory for 27 years decided to run his own business to raise his 3 daughters and one son. Over 20 years, because of the most strict quality control and the best service David has a great reputation in the daily used glassware field. Now David and his son Victor are specialized in the daily used glass jars and bottles. His three daughters(Serena, Renee and Carrie) are specialized in flint glass wine bottles, spice jars and grinders, glass cups and household glassware.


Due to the advantageous of the whole family’s over 50 years of experience in China’s daily used glassware field, NEWRAY has found a way to combine its own management and relationship with Chinese different glass factories. We have rent 4 production lines in different factories. We choose every factory’s best production workers and engineers so that our clients can enjoy the fast and flexible production and cost-effective services for the top quality glass jars bottles for their products.

NEWRAY is a specialist of custom bottle design for ALL KINDS OF COMPANIES. We are proud of our unequaled speed to market, demonstrated by glass mould production for only 2 weeks, sampling in less than 4 weeks, and new glass developments from concept design to mass production in less than 45 days. Our current client base is mainly comprised of alcohol producers, sauce factories, chain juice and coffee stores, condiment manufacturer and Cosmetics companies. If your annual order quantity can be more than 20K, you can have your own brand packaging bottles.

The high-quality production, flexibility, reactivity and competitive prices have projected NEWRAY among the top glass manufacturers in China. More than 2,000 of different brands from American, Middle East, Asia and European have chosen to work with us already. By customized your own bottle, NEWRWAY helps your product stand out of the cloud? Work together with NEWRAY from ONE to EVERY bottle for your brand.


Why Choose Us?

Supply Support

We ensures Good Quality, Fast Delivery, Sufficient Quantity and Diversification.

Rich Experience

50+ years is not only a time but attitude for NEWRAY in glass packaging field as career.

One Stop Intimate Service

Trained customer service team to answer your doubts any time.

Auto & Manual Quality Control

Professional quality management & inspection team to make the customer 100% satisfied.

Strong & Custom Package

Strong carton packing for export and offers various custom packaging.

Meet Our Team

David - CEO, Founder of Newray

David Yao

CEO, Founder of Newray

Edward Yi

Director of operations

Victor- President of sales

Victor Yao

President of sales

Serena - Vice president of sales

Serena Yao

Vice president of sales

Renee- regional sales manager

Renee Yao

Regional sales manager

Carrie - Senior Customer manager

Carrie Yao

Senior Customer manager

Dan - Designer

Dan Li


Tess - Merchandiser

Tess Liu


Factory Lab


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