21 Questions You Should Know Before Starting Glass Bottle Business

1.  What is glass?

Glass is a natural substance and 100% recyclable. The glass is a non-crystalline, amorphous solid. The term glass, in popular usage, is often used to refer only to this type of material, which is familiar from use as window glass and in glass bottles. Of the many silica-based glasses that exist, ordinary glazing and container glass is formed from a specific type called soda-lime glass, composed of approximately 75% silicon dioxide (SiO2), sodium oxide (Na2O) from sodium carbonate (Na2CO3), calcium oxide (CaO), also called lime, and several minor additives. (From Wikipedia)

2. What is your factory production capacity?

Wuhan Newray Glass Co., Ltd. is the largest wholly-owned subsidiary of Newray. It is located in Daye City near Wuhan and relies on the Yangtze River, the transportation is very convenient. Wuhan Newray factory has 6 kilns, 28 production lines, and an annual production capacity of 480,000 tons. Our annual output is nearly 1.6 billion bottles, and we have nearly 1,200 employees with rich management and production experience.

3. What is the operation principle of Newray?

Newray wants to use its strong relationship with all the glass factories that cooperate with over 50 years to offer the customers the best packaging bottles.

4. What kind of colors does Newray’s glassware can offer?

Most of the colors we produce are flint, amber and green. We also can offer special colors like olive, sea blue, black. Newray can also produce bottles with Individual colors.

5. What is the MOQ?

MOQ depends on the size of the bottle, color and glass type

  • Glass Jars and bottles are in stock: 5000pcs
  • Customized Glass Jars or Bottles: 20,000pcs.
  • Mini Glass bottles and jars (glass weight is less than 200g): 50,000pcs
  • Glass Perfume bottles:  50,000pcs
  • Glass Spirit Bottles: 30,000pcs
  • Custom Shape Amber, Blue, Green Bottles: 500,000pcs

FOR other colors’ MOQ please consult our sales department.

6. Can we make our own mould?

Yes. The mould will be used only by the exclusive customer. This mould belongs to the customer and we are happy to send the mould if the customer wants to deliver it to other factories. Our bespoke mould is only 800usd+ for one set. Mould price will be a little different according to the size and the shape or design of the bottle.

7. How long does it take to have our own mould? And when can it be ready?

From the initial idea to the finished technical drawing, it takes only 2 weeks if the customer cooperates very well in the design. We need to go back and forth to confirm the design until the customer is satisfied. Once the customer approves the drawing, usually 2-3 weeks later the mould will be ready.

8. Can I have my logo embossed or de-bossed in the glass bottle?

Yes, in fact, Newray is an expert of this. We have thousands of customers who have their own mould with Newray. This is a cost-effective way to give your product more impact and individualize your own brand. If your annual quantity can up to 200,000pcs we can offer the mould for you FREE. Please contact our salesman for more details.

9. Before place mass order, can we do sampling for our custom bottle?

Yes. When mould’s ready, we can do a small batch of sampling bottles like 20 pcs for the customer, then you can see what your own glass bottle will be and if there is anywhere need to change, you still have a chance to do that. This process may take 2 weeks or more or less time according to the production arrangement of the factories. This cost only 450usd (do not include the courier fee to the customer). 

It is also possible to make a plastic acrylic model, not operational as a bottle but does provide a representation of the external shape of the design. This way is much cheaper only 50usd (do not include the courier fee to the customer)

10. Can I process my own bottle with Newray? How does this go and how much that cost?

Newray is a company who ensure the clients get what they really want. You need to know what do you want your bottle looks like, our marketing and design team can consult and cooperate with you. They use 3D software to offer you the industrial design of your new product. Our marketing and design team is international and multi-lingual in Chinese, English as well as French, Spanish. We have extensive experience in working together with various customers and helping them achieve their vision to reality. We also know where the engineering-limits in glass bottles and can guide you to a design that is actually achievable in mass production. To design your own new bottle only cost 300usd. We should be able to produce a design-sketch within around 10 days if this process goes smoothly. Once the design confirmed by the customer, it would be the final technical drawing. Then we will go to progress to making the mould. During the mould production process, the design preferred not changed by the customer.

 11. Will the details of my project remain confidential?

 We will sign a confidentiality agreement to this effect with every our customer who want to have their own designed bottle with us. This is a requisite for the famous firms that work with us. We will not make another bottle that imitates your design. It belongs to you and we will respect this. 

12. Can Newray do labeling? Or can you do silk screen printing or color sprayed on the bottle? What is the MOQ?

We work with professional partners to do decoration like screen-printing, lacquering, frosting, and also all kinds of labeling. The MOQ is according to the decoration process that you want to make.

13. How does Newray monitor the quality?

We have the following quality tests: 

  • measuring tests (weight, content, dimensions, etc.) 
  • destructive testing (internal pressure, pendulum swing impact, thermal shock, etc.) 
  • 100% inline testing by inspection machines (wall thickness, crack testing, impurity testing, etc.)
  • QC workman will check the goods randomly during the production

14. Why is surface tempering necessary and what does it consist of? 

Glass packaging is tempered at the hot end with a coating of zinc oxide. At the cold end, it is normally given a coating of polyethylene. The two coatings together act as a kind of protective film. It means that the glass containers slide more easily past one another, and scratches during bottling and transportation are avoided. Where wet glue labels are used, the glue has to be matched to the cold end coating. 

15. What is the difference between flint and super-flint glass?

Flint and super-flint are expressions for bottle glass qualities. Flint has good transparency which is usually used for glass jam jar or juice bottles, while super-flint offers the very best in clarity, often compared to the crystal. Super-flint bottles tend to be of more substance, heavier, and often contain a deep base – 20-30mm – that gives the bottle a further feel of quality. Of course, super-flint glass cost is higher than the flint glass

16. What if the bottles broke during the transport from China to my country? How Newray will handle it?

Our Newray can ensure that product can be packed very well and be loaded safely sufficient to withstand typical conditions as experienced by containers during freight. We also offer 1% of extra goods for every of our customer for FREE.  

Breakage would be most likely to occur during transportation. Ours cooperate transportation company will cover by the corresponding insurances for the transport or shipment.

17. Do we need to clean bottles before filling?

Like all other bottling plants anywhere in the world; some dust, card shavings or other particulates can enter bottles and they should always be cleaned on your production line prior to filling.

18. If we order a full container, can we do partial shipment and will Newray keep the rest in stock for me?

Yes. If you do not have enough space to stock the glass bottles, our Newray can stock the goods for you. We have our own warehouse which is more than 5000 square meter.  We offer 3 months FREE stock for all our customers. While partial shipment will cause the rise of the shipping cost, so please discuss this with our salesman.

19. Is there lead or any other harmful chemicals in glass bottles from China?

The glass itself has no lead or other harmful chemicals. Upon request, Newray has the bottles tested at SGS, TUV, FLGB. If you require an independent test we can offer that too.

20. Will I be able to control your production process?

Like any other packer anywhere in the world, you will be informed about every aspect of your product before we commence bottling for you. From the origin of the liquid, the necessary treatments, proofs of all the ancillary parts to finished samples if you require. Additionally, you are welcome to visit the plant during production.

21. What happens if I have a complaint?

Please do the QC within 15 days after you got the goods, if you have any complaint, we have the technical workers to handle your issue. If it is our Newray’s problem, we can do the refund or offer the discount in the new order.

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