How To Customize Your Own Glass Bottle?

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Before to start to get your own custom glass bottle, there is a lot of preparatory work need to do:

1. Tell us the vision for your product & how you envision the consumer engagement.

There are a lot of aspects that you need to consider before getting your own mould:
① What Shape do you want for your bottle?
② Clarity: the glass material that you want to choose, your budget.
③ Color: will you need to do colour spray on the bottle?
④ Embossing: is there any embossing or debossing logo or pattern on the surface?
⑤ Label claim: do you already have a label design or what do you want to print on the label, then we need to define the label area. 
⑥ Capacity: What is the fulfil capacity? Where should be the filling levels and the headspace?
⑦ Closure: Which kind of cap do you plan to use?
⑧ Secondary packing: How do you plan to pack them when full fill the bottles with contents? The weight and size is mainly needed to consider.
⑨ Branding decorating: Any other deep decorating plan to do?

mould for custom glass bottles

2. How do you plan to launch your product? 

① Where do you want to sell? 
② When do you want the goods to be ready? 
③ How many do you want for the production quantities?
④ How many of the forecasts for annual quantities? 

3 What's unique about your formulation? 

(1) Will the filling process require a cold, ambient, or hot fill temperature? 
(2) Are there ingredients that could create product/package compatibility challenges? 
(3) Does your product have specific moisture or oxygen barrier requirements?
(4) will it be subjected to temperature extremes or excessive handling that would require specific impact resistant characteristics? 
(5) Where do you plan to locate your fill, packaging and distribution facilities?

4 The 6 points that need to consider for the filling packaging process:

① The type of capping equipment employed.
② Contact point in line flow.
③ Conveyer stability.
④ Filling levels 
⑤ Headspace
⑥ Final pack-out for shipping

let us help reduce your freight costs with a pack-out efficiency analysis.
We will add life to your project. We will submit a conceptual brief of our proposal. Review, refine, build consensus with your team – and we are ready for the final design.


1 Engineering drawings

We will help ensure you nail the perfect fit and function of your glass packaging containers.

2 Modelling 

See it, hold it –  make sure everyone loves it before it’s too late.

3 Prototypes

Need marketing prototypes to share with customers – let us help.

4 Unit cavity production 

Production ready components for testing and trials.

5 Market Tests

Want to conduct a market test – not a problem with our NEWRAY team.

6 Commercialization 


The process to custom a glass wine bottle with decal.

An Example for custom a glass wine bottle for a USA customer:

1.We got this freehand sketch from our customer Carrier who comes from the USA.
2. Within 24 hours, our designer offers the drawing under the simple explains by our salesman.
3.After got the simple design, Carrier wants the bottle has a circle to do label. Then new drawing offered to her.

4. Then Carrier told us she wants her company name on the bottle and changes the neck to cork. So:

5. Carrier loves the design and want to see the bottle before ordering it, so we offered 3D design, 3D printing, and do the real sampling bottles.

6. After Carrier got the real sampling bottles, her concept comes true. The market reacts well. We have done custom design for Carrier of this shape in 250ml and 500ml too. If you have a custom design need for your products, NEWRAY packaging is excellent for your choice.

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