6 Steps to Customized Glass Bottles

① Inform design inspiration

The customer only need to offer us a freehand sketch or explain the design idea to our salesman. 

1 designer for custom

② Confirmation of the first draft of the design

Our designer will do the design under the customers’ information and offer the first drawing within 24 hours. If anywhere need to change, the new drawing will be offered 24 hours later. If everything is confirmed, we will go for the next step.

③ 3D proof confirmation

After the customer confirmed the drawing, our designer will offer the 3D mock-up for the customer to check. If the customer wants to check the 3 D printing bottle, we could offer within 3 days and this cost only 50usd.

5 mould Lathe

④ Custom mould

If everything confirmed about the design, we can construct the mould which only needs 15-20 days. The mould fee is depending on the design and volume of the bottles.

⑤ Sampling for the mould

When mould is ready, we will arrange for the sampling of the mould. This usually takes 15-20 days. Then the customer can have the real bottles in their hand and it still has the change to change the design.

⑥ Confirm big orders

If the customer satisfied the design and like the real bottle, then they can place the order.

With over 50 years in custom glass bottles, we are experts!

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