Customized Glass Bottles The Complete Guide 2019

Glass packaging containers are have been used for about 3700 years. Although in modern time now, people have lots of packaging material to choose like plastic or paper, glass bottles are still the most favorite material to choose.

In the field of packaging containers, the advantages of glass packaging containers are as follows:

  1. The glass material has good barrier properties, can well prevent the gas such as oxygen from invading the contents, and can also prevent the volatile components of the contents from being displaced. Volatilization in the atmosphere;
  2. Glass bottles can be used repeatedly, which can reduce packaging costs;
  3. Glass can easily change color and transparency;
  4. Glass bottles are safe and hygienic, have good corrosion resistance and It has the advantages of acid corrosion resistance, heat resistance, pressure resistance, and washing resistance. It can be used for high-temperature sterilization or low-temperature storage and is suitable for packaging acidic materials.
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Chapter 1: Which Kind of Glass Bottles Will Bring You Business?

For glass packaging containers, food packaging should be the largest quantity used in the world.

The under is the Analysis for Global daily glassware market capacity.

From the google trends information, we can see the glass kombucha bottle, cold brewed glass coffee bottle, glass Boston round bottle, glass mason jars are widely searched by Google users and still has increasing trends.

From these trends we can see, kombucha has market sees high growth for the past 5 years. This may due to its health benefits and also rich in beneficial probiotics. If you are a glassware supplier, the kombucha bottles should sell good in 2019.

If you are a juice bar founder, the cold-pressed juice market is already a fierce competition business from the google trends, maybe kombucha is a good choice for new growth points you may consider. Below are the trends for cold pressed juice. The numbers of search are from 50 to 75 and quite steady, which means this market is already in the mature period and profit margin is coming narrow because of a lot of competitors.  

kombucha bottles Google trends

While it is not so hard to find a hot product to sell, an experienced glassware dealer knows the market trends, perform research. But to find a good supplier is a hard way. A good glassware supplier means high-quality, flexibility, reactivity and competitive in the market. A good supplier could help you to win a lot of customers while only one bad experience will make you feel self-distrust about what you are doing if you are a middleman.

A good glass packaging container should be:

  • Leak-proof  
  • Easy handling
  • Heat and cold resistant
  • Made of safe materials (Lead-Free, Food-grade)
  • Wide mouth for comfortability during drinking

From the production, in the process of producing glass bottles and jars in large-scale production lines, many products are not qualified due to many small details. The qualified glass containers should avoid the under defects: 

Scissors marks  

Significant marks left on the bottle due to poor scissors. This marks often the source of cracks. The scissors on the bottom are left at the bottom, which affects the appearance and becomes a waste product.

Wrinkle Surface

A longitudinal wrinkle is mostly caused by improper flow.

Horizontal wrinkles  The causes are as follows: the temperature of the melt glass drip is not uniform, the drip is too long, the streaks in the glass are too much, the radius of curvature of the chute is too small.


Bubbles happen often because the discharge amount exceeds the melting capacity of the furnace or the quality of the raw materials is not good or the quality of the ingredients is not good, furnace temperature system is unreasonable or improperly adjusted.


  • Identification: The bottle is covered with white, yellow or other variegated granular objects.

This happens when a large amount of discharged material, unmelted raw material enters the molding process or there are foreign materials such as refractory materials in the material path.

  • Oil ash mark: (oil spot):
  • Identification: Carbon or sputum adhesion on the surface of the bottle

When A feeder has too much oil on the scissors, there will have oil ash mark on the bottles.

Or because the initial cavity is too dirty or the initial mold is too hot.

The production process of glass packaging containers is relatively simple and the variety is relatively simple. At present, there are a large number of enterprises engaged in the export of glass packaging containers, and the homogenization of products is more obvious. In response to this phenomenon, the trading company will pay more attention to the design and product quality. Nowadays, we have tremendous of different bands to compete in every single market field. How do make the bottle stand out of the cloud is a way every buyer want to find.

Many small consumers of glass bottles, such as cold-pressed juice producers, are looking for packaging design differences while seeking to differentiate their products. The glass packaging containers are easy to operate and low in cost, which has become the first choice for many savvy manufacturers because of its advantages: no pollution, recyclable, low cost, easy to implement, short cycle. Of course, the novel design will help the end product a hot sell.

Chapter 2: How to Find a Suitable Customized Glass Bottles Supplier

With the production base of the glass packaging containers manufacturing industry gradually shifting to developing countries, the production capacity of glass packaging containers in developed countries such as Europe and the United States has shown a certain shrinking trend in recent years. The output of daily-use glass products in developed countries and developed countries such as Japan and South Korea decrease year by year. In addition, countries and regions such as Southeast Asia and Africa have not yet formed corresponding production and supply capabilities due to restrictions on raw materials, technological processes, etc., and market demand is basically dependent on imports. The main raw materials for glass packaging necessities are quartz sand, soda ash, etc., which are rich in resources in China. Therefore, China’s development of the glass packaging containers necessities industry has a greater cost advantage. As the scale of China’s glass packaging containers manufacturing continues to expand, the production process continues to improve, and the quality and grade of its products are constantly improving, and the scale of exports is also growing accordingly. According to the China Glass Packaging Container Association, China has become the world’s largest exporter of this field.

Here are the steps for you to choose a good supplier to customize a glass bottle.

Search online image

Search Online

Search on the Google of the glass bottles you need, or go to China two biggest B2B platform ALIBABA or Global Source. You will find a directory of wholesale glass bottles from the best manufacturers and supplier in China. From their large inventory, you will find glass bottles product of different ranges depending on size, shape, and color. From their list of verified supplies, it will be upon you to choose the right supplier of glass bottles for your business. 

From the internet, you can judge the suppliers by their response speed, the professional of the salesman, the trade performance and the testimonials they got and so on. Some buyer would like to fly to China to visit the factory directly before placing any orders before to do that I still recommend doing some research first. According to the statistics of the National Bureau of Statistics, in 2017, there were 990 manufacturing enterprises of glassware and glass packaging containers above designated size in China, and there have about 3000 companies dealing the glass packaging business on Alibaba.

To attend the professional glass packaging fair is a good choice too. Canton Fair should be the first choice for years already, Hongkong Printing and Packaging Fair is a good choice too. There are also a lot of other fairs in different countries. If you are an American, you can go to Chicago at Pack Expo which is the largest international trade fair in the USA.

Mainly Area or City of Glass Bottles Supplier in China

Different areas have different advantages in glass packaging containers field in China. Judging from the regional distribution of production, in 2016, the top five regions of China’s glass packaging container production were Sichuan, Shandong, Henan, Hubei, and Hebei.

The under is the brief introduction of the top 10 factories in the daily glass industry in China.

① Guangdong Huaxing Glass Group Co., Ltd.   Score:98.79  

Guangdong Huaxing is the largest domestic glass manufacturing enterprise integrating glass bottle, can, and printing. The core products mainly include food bottles, beer bottles, beverage bottles, and cosmetic bottles, etc.

② Dezhou Jinghua Group Co., Ltd.   Score 93.85  

Dezhou Jinghua’s leading products: hollow glass bricks, daily-use glass, medical glass bottles, float glass, ceramic bottles, etc. It is one of the largest daily-use glass production bases in China. An important float glass production base in the region. The Group has pioneered the development of patented products such as milk-white roasted vases, frosted window exposed vases, frosted pattern bottles, etc., which fills the domestic gap and is unique in the packaging industry, making the wine packaging technology more perfect.

③ Sichuan Yibin Global Group Co., Ltd.   Score 89.26

Sichuan Yibin Global Group mainly produces Wuliangye and its series of wine bottles, domestic and international high-grade glass bottles, craft wine bottles, daily glassware, glass insulators, optical glass, solar ultra-white glass, core laser and photonic (PIC) chips, LED energy-saving electric light source, High-tech optoelectronic products such as laser infrared, digital display, and reflective materials, and high-quality carton products.

④ Beijing Glass Group Corporation   Score 76.93

Beijing Glass Group Co., Ltd. produces daily-use glass, industrial glass, technical glass, quartz and silicon materials, high-grade fused refractory materials, photovoltaic cell components, glasses, and eye care products.

⑤ Shandong Huapeng Glass Co., Ltd.  Score 76.38

Shandong Huapeng Specializing in the development, production, and sales of various medium and high-grade glass bottles and glassware. There are eight series of hundreds of varieties of high-end wine bottles, large champagne bottles, beverage and wine bottles, canned food bottles, and medical packaging bottles.

⑥ Jinan Linuo Glass Products Co., Ltd.  Score  75.58

Jinan Linuo Glass Products now has four series of products such as pharmaceutical packaging glass, heat-resistant glass, electric light source glass, and high borosilicate solar glass.  Heat-resistant glassware, electric light source glass bulbs, medicinal glass tubes, medicinal ampoules, and vials were rated as Shandong famous brand products.

⑦ Anhui Deli Daily Glass Co., Ltd.   Score  75.11

Anhui Deli Glassware specializing in the production and sales of daily-use glassware, such as glass drinking cups, glass cold water bottle, glass ashtray, and other household glass. It has a complete line of machine pressure, machine blowing, manual and other production lines, and has the ability to process tempering, printing, decals, engraving, sandblasting, painting, gold painting and other glassware.

⑧ Shijiazhuang Huaying Glass Products Co., Ltd.   Score  74.59

Shijiazhuang Huaying Glass Products produces 80 series of more than 4,000 varieties of glass craft products exported to more than 40 countries and regions in Europe and America, and 20% are sold to the domestic market. The company is the vice chairman unit of China Daily Glass Association.

⑨ Henan Juli Glass Co., Ltd.   Score  71.19

Henan Juli Glass’ main products are glass infusion bottles, beer bottles, white wine bottles, beverage bottles, wine bottles, sauce vinegar and pesticide bottles, and other types of glass bottle products, with an annual output of 900 million beer, white wine bottles, and glass infusion bottles. One of the domestic key infusion bottle manufacturers.

⑩ Qinhuangdao Sokun Daily Glass Group Co., Ltd.   Score  70.70

Qinhuangdao Sokun Daily Glass Group mainly produces high-grade daily-use glass bottles including beer bottles, dry red wine bottles, white wine bottles, beverage bottles and other four series of thousands of varieties, the main colours are emerald green, dark green, olive green, sapphire blue, Peacock blue, brown, dead yellow, high white and plain white can meet the filing requirements of beer, wine, liquor and beverage manufacturers of different scales and levels, and become the first enterprise in China to meet users’ various color products.

Map of China

7 tips for you to find a suitable supplier in different daily glass field.

These are all the most famous glass plant in China, while because these factories are very famous, the average middleman and glass bottle users may have no chance to cooperate with them. The minimum order quantity of their products may be 300,000. For small and medium consumers, this number is too high. Then they have to find factories that can help them meet the needs of custom glass bottles while lowering the order quantity.

(1) If you are looking for some glass packaging containers like glass french square bottle, glass jam jars for your juice bar or handmade pickles but only a small quantity like only 20K. If work with the top 10 factories, your MOQ should at least 30,000pcs. The mold fee will be more than 6000usd for one design. Besides, the time need too long, 2 months for mold construction. You can contact with the factories or trading company in Xuzhou, Jiangsu. The factories there are quite competitive in price and not the quality is so good as the 10 top factories but still ok. Please be careful to check the trade performance on Alibaba or source the information of it in the China Customs Data.

(2) If you want are a middleman who wants to trade with the supermarket in your country about the daily glass such as glass shot, glass water cups, glass ashtrays, and glass preservation box. You may look at the supplier from Bengbu city, Anhui province, Besides Anhui Deli Daily Glass the famous factory, there are still some other factories products are popular in the world. Chongqing City in Sichuan Province also have some good factories for those products, while their price is a little higher than the factories in Anhui. They are in the west of China, the transport fee will be higher too.

(3) You can find the factories in Shandong province for the medical packaging bottles and cosmetic bottles. If only the common style, there are a lot of international trading companies in Qingdao detailing with these products. There are also several factories in Guangdong province dealing with glass nail polish bottles, cosmetic jars, and glass lotion bottles.

(4) In Zibo city, Shandong Province, there are several factories specialized in the glass swing-top bottles, glass jars with clip, glass spice jars with the grinder, glass juice dispenser and other big carboys for the household.

(5) For the glass goblet, glass vases, wine decanter, and water tumbler, you can find the suppliers at Qixian Jingzhong city or Wenxi Yuncheng city Shanxi province. Some big factories can produce the goblet by machine, while still, the little factory produces handmade goods which look old fashioned, This chronological style is liked by some specific people. More and more hotels are starting to use hand-made products.

(6) You can look for glass double wall cup and Kettle at Hejian city, Hebei Province. To customize a double wall cup, the MOQ only need 1000pcs in some of the factory. Those double wall glass cups are sold very well at eBay and Amazon.

(7) For high-grade glass wine bottles, I advise you to choose a factory at Yuncheng city, Shandong Province, the wine bottles they produced are always thick-bottomed. The glass material has 3 kinds: Flint, high flint and super flint. Although some factories in Chongqing can also produce the same wine bottles, the price is much high than the factories in Yuncheng. The quality of the two places has not much difference.

Three things you should know before contacting with glass bottles supplier.

After selecting from thousands of factories and suppliers, you may at the end satisfied with one or two. When it comes to the final AB selection, there are some other features you should be paying attention to.

before buying

① Whether the quality factory has a strong self-design service?

This is very important if you want to custom goods. Since the designer needs to design for you, if a factory does not have a self-owned designer, this process will take a long time. Where they can provide a customer with more suitable design solutions if some problem come out? Whether they have the ability to meet all of your requests? How quickly they can respond to construct the mold and then do sampling. Can they give you special advice? Where they get the molds? Will the molds be polished before sampling? How long the molds can be used? How many products can the molds be used for production? Who the molds belong to after the production finished?

② Try to ask more questions about the details before you pay any money to them.

The best way to confirm the quality is to request some samples to check the glass material color, workmanship, proper accessories and so on. While still need to careful that the bulk production goods are the same as the samples that you have got before.

③ Do not forget to confirm the packing boxes quality.

The carton packing is usually a way to pack the glass bottles and jars. Pallet packing is also safe and can save money, most of the customer may be worried about this kind of packing method. Actually, it is very safe. Some customer wants to pack the bottles in the cartons first then stack the carton box on the pallets. This kind way should be the safest way but sure cost most. Different country has different rules for packing, so you need to confirm the packing with your glass bottle supplier. When asking those questions or confirm those details, the professional, high-quality glass suppliers will give you satisfied answers.

Chapter 3: How to Verify Company Qualification of Customized Glass Bottles

Official Website

Every glass bottle supplier should have a website to market their products. When you got a website from your supplier, you can check their detailed information on Through, you can get to know the registered name, the website registration time and so on.

Why Newray Screenshot

Though when you put your supplier’s website in the search blank, you can see the record of this website before. By this way, you can get to know more about this supplier, what they sell before, how they introduce themselves before, how they grow up day by day.

Custom Data

There are some other authoritative data that you can use to judge a supplier, the most authoritative one is to check the Custom data.

Google Image Search

Google Image Search is an aiding method to verify a factory’s location and you can estimate a factory’s area to prove what the salesman told you about the factory’s location and other information.

Social Media

Social Media is also another way to re-check the factory. In China, for international business, most of the businessman knows to use social media or web platform to introduce companies or to increase company exposure and increase network customer flow. Linkedin, facebook, twitter and so on, they are all the way to explore for more customers. If a supplier has a professional figure in social media and has a lot of workers registered on them, it is a way to judge it too.

Chapter 4: Only 6 Steps to Custom Glass Bottles with NEWRAY

① Inform design inspiration

The customer only need to offer us a freehand sketch or explain the design idea to our salesman. 

1 designer for custom

② Confirmation of the first draft of the design

Our designer will do the design under the customers’ information and offer the first drawing within 24 hours. If anywhere need to change, the new drawing will be offered 24 hours later. If everything is confirmed, we will go for the next step.

③ 3D proof confirmation

After the customer confirmed the drawing, our designer will offer the 3D mock-up for the customer to check. If the customer wants to check the 3 D printing bottle, we could offer within 3 days and this cost only 50usd.

5 mould Lathe

④ Custom mould

If everything confirmed about the design, we can construct the mould which only needs 15-20 days. The mould fee is depending on the design and volume of the bottles.

⑤ Sampling for the mould

When mould is ready, we will arrange for the sampling of the mould. This usually takes 15-20 days. Then the customer can have the real bottles in their hand and it still has the change to change the design.

⑥ Confirm big orders

If the customer satisfied the design and like the real bottle, then they can place the order.

With over 50 years in custom glass bottles, we are experts!

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