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Leading the development of the industry with innovative spirit and green concept

—— Newray Glass Packaging Solutions participated in the 2023 China Packaging Container Exhibition

packcon 2023

With the theme of “innovation, green and intelligence”, this year’s China Packaging Container Exhibition gathers heavyweight leading enterprises, listed companies, well-known enterprises and characteristic packaging enterprises in China’s packaging industry to participate in the exhibition. An influential exhibition and a super event for the global packaging supply chain.

This year’s exhibition brought together more than 500 suppliers of packaging containers, materials and design services, and focused on displaying paper, plastic, metal, glass and other full-category packaging container products and overall packaging solutions, presenting innovative packaging design, packaging development trends and providing opportunities for buyers, providing comprehensive solutions for buyers and audiences from eight terminal brands such as food, beverage, catering takeaway, daily use, daily chemical, e-commerce logistics, electronic appliances, medicine and health, it provides a platform for purchasing new packaging products, seeking new partners and understanding new trends in the industry an excellent platform.

packcon 2023

The continuous improvement of Newray glass production technology, especially the coverage of lightweight technologies such as small mouth pressure blowing in the entire group has become more and more important in the industry. The more complete, Newray has high-quality products and efficient service team once again received the invitation from the organizer to participate in the exhibition. From July 12th, the sales elite team of Newray marketing center participated in this exhibition. In this exhibition, Newray focused on displaying more than 100 types of glass bottles in seven categories including food, beverage, seasoning, health care, wine, medicine, and cosmetics.

packcon 2023

Compared with paper, plastic, and metal packaging, glass packaging containers are mainly used for alcohol, beverages, food, condiments, medicines, cosmetics, etc. Various types of packaging; glass packaging containers not only have certain aesthetics, but also are non-toxic, tasteless have good chemical stability are easy to seal and have good air tightness. They are transparent materials and consumers can observe the contents from the outside of the packaging. The actual situation is glass packaging container has excellent storage performance which is convenient for the storage and storage of items. The surface of the glass material is smooth and clean, which is convenient for disinfection and sterilization, so it is an ideal packaging container. As people pay more and more attention to the quality of life, the consumption of daily necessities is also increasing and the demand for daily-use glass products and glass packaging containers is also increasing.

On the first day of the exhibition, Newray ‘s booth looked spacious, bright and the atmospheric exhibition hall with neatly arranged glass bottles of complete materials and colors. In addition, the display cabinet on the left side of the exhibition hall was designed in the shape of glass beer bottles, and the middle bottle body was neatly placed for beer glass bottles. The eyes of passing audiences brightened, attracting batch after batch of domestic and foreign buyers to visit the exhibition and consult.

In order to better fit the theme of “innovation, green, and intelligence” of this packaging container exhibition, Newray glass exhibited a variety of bottle shapes produced by small mouth pressure blowing lightweight molding technology. On the morning of the 13th, Newray glass booth remained unabated, welcoming batch after batch of visitors. Our staff received a group of China Resources customers. He gave a bottle before weight reduction and a bottle after weight reduction to one of the customers, and asked the customer to find the difference between the two bottles. He also introduced to the customer that after Newray glass adopts small-mouth pressure blown lightweight technology, it will be of great significance to my country’s energy-saving and emission-reduction work. It is mainly manifested in the reduction of indirect carbon emissions caused by electricity and heat and the carbon emissions released by fuel consumption in the production process; small-mouth pressure blown lightweight products also have lower transportation costs, more economical unit prices, more competitive appearances and more economical low loss advantages such as higher cost and profit. After listening to Newray’s brief introduction, all the present China Resources customers nodded their approval and praised.

During the exhibition and from the exhibition arrangement of the sample bottle display, the exhibitors of Newray were not afraid of hard work or tiredness and the dedication spirit of “providing customers with advanced, high-quality products and comprehensive and satisfactory services” was fully displayed on them. On the afternoon of the 14th, the last batch of customers who visited were sent away, and the exhibition ended successfully.

China Packaging Container Exhibition is a super event of the global packaging chain. It integrates the entire industry chain in the packaging field and creates a one-stop procurement platform which is of great significance to our Newray company’s participation in the exhibition.

First of all: by participating in such a grand event, our Newray packaging solutions can understand the new development trend of the industry, communicate with colleagues face to face, learn from each other’s strengths, and seek a good opportunity for mutual benefit and common development.

Secondly: this year’s China Packaging Container Exhibition is undoubtedly a successful exhibition. All exhibitors have displayed their latest packaging container equipment and products, providing a platform for communication and cooperation between our company and other outstanding companies and professionals in the industry. .

Again: The exhibition will be held for three days from the 12nd to the 14th (Wednesday to Friday), avoiding weekends and holidays. This is the best time to visit and purchase. Purchasing personnel have sufficient time to visit and purchase. It is more conducive to the participation of professional buyers and forms a huge influence.

Finally: This exhibition invited more than 200 large-scale media and associations to report on the spot and through offline activities and online media to promote our Newray’s exhibition, attracting more than 100,000 professional audiences at home and abroad to visit the exhibition and online. The audience learned about Newray glass products, which enhanced our company’s popularity.

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