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Do you know the secret of the numbers under the glass bottle?

In our daily life, consumers can see a large string of numbers or letters on the bottom of some glass bottles. These are actually the serial numbers of the glass mould. Today I will introduce to you why these mold numbers are needed at the bottom of the glass bottle mold.

Generally speaking, the production equipment of glass bottles is divided into: manual machine, pouring machine, and row machine. Mold, bottle bottom mold, inflator head, bulkhead, core and other components are matched. The glass mold number is usually a number or a letter. The letter is generally the abbreviation of the manufacturer’s company name or the abbreviation of the buyer’s company. When the letter number appears, some numbers generally appear, for example: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6…etc, this number plays a very important role in glass bottle manufacturing.

The minimum order quantity for glass bottle production is usually tens of thousands of glass bottles. In order to improve production efficiency and time, glass factories need to make multiple sets of molds to produce the same glass bottle at the same time. Gradually anneal and cool down from high temperature to low temperature to increase the stress between glass molecules. However, when glass bottles produced by multiple sets of molds enter the annealing furnace at the same time, it is impossible to distinguish which set of molds the same glass bottle comes from. Adding the mold number on the bottom or root of the bottle can correspond to which mold produced the bottle. If the Newray factory is on the automatic inspection line, if the same quality problem is found in batches of a certain mold number, the quality inspection personnel can also adjust the automatic inspection equipment, and all mold numbers with problems in a specific period of time will be automatically eliminated for production. All the bottles to ensure that the produced bottles can meet the factory standards.

During the packaging process, glass bottles also need to be tested randomly. If there is a quality problem, without the mold number, it is impossible to determine which molds produced the glass bottles that have quality problems. Therefore, just put different numbers on the bottom of the corresponding molds of each group of molds. When some problems are found, we can more timely and accurately determine the root cause of the problem.

Dot-shaped automatic identification code with mold number

In addition to the commonly used digital mold numbers, in factories with fully automatic testing equipment, there will also be automatic testing points distributed in dots on the root or bottom of the bottle when the mold number used is matched. Different dotted divisions and gaps represent different automatic mold detection identification numbers. Its use is basically the same as the digital mold number, both for the automatic identification and inspection of the bottle inspection machine. Ordinary digital mold numbers are for manual identification, and dot mold numbers are for quick identification by automatic inspection machines. This point-like identification code is very accurate, and there will be basically no missed detection. The following is the corresponding table of different numerical mold numbers represented by different point distributions:

Dot-shaped automatic identification code table

The other is the mold number with the underlined mold number. The identification method is to distinguish different mold numbers according to the number of each mold number and the length of the underline to automatically identify. Its advantage is that there is no long combination of dots and numbers in the dot detection code, just a number with an underline to make the bottle look more beautiful. The disadvantage is that there are certain requirements for the size of the mold number, which is generally used for bottles with larger diameters, and such mold identification numbers cannot be added to bottles with smaller diameters. The larger the bottle, the larger the size of the mold number will be made to facilitate the identification of the automatic inspection machine and prevent missed inspections.

underlined mold munber

Regarding the mold number, if you have more questions, please contact Newray Sales, we will give you a professional answer. There are many other secrets hidden under the bottom of the glass bottle, which we will explain to you one by one in a later article.

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