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Why do some factory-produced glass bottles have oil stains

After customers receive factory-made glass bottles, they will find that there is occasionally a slight oil stain on the body or bottom of some glass bottles during the filling process. First we need to know where this oil pollution comes from? All the molds on the glass bottle production line will be oiled from time to time to ensure the smooth demoulding of the newly formed red hot glass bottles and to ensure the smoothness of the glass bottle body.

1. So why do the glass factory need to oil the mold?

As an indispensable part of the production process, production line glass bottle molds work in high-temperature and high-pressure environments for a long time and are susceptible to wear and damage, resulting in reduced bottle molding quality and increased production time and costs. Therefore, it is necessary to oil the mold, which can reduce the wear rate of the mold, reduce the friction and wear of the mold, extend the service life of the mold, improve production efficiency and reduce production costs.

When oiling the mold, you need to pay attention to choosing appropriate grease for different materials and surface qualities of the mold to avoid mold damage caused by inappropriate grease. After oiling, the oiling tools must be thoroughly cleaned to prevent oil from contaminating the mold again.

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The frequency of oiling the glass bottle mold depends on the usage. You can judge whether oiling is needed by observing the shape of the bottle. Too frequent oiling often results in residual oil stains on the glass bottle. Some small factories do not have fully automatic testing equipment, so they all manually inspect the appearance and quality of bottles. It is inevitable that there will be missed inspections. Some bottles with serious oil stains can be picked out with the naked eye, while bottles with inconspicuous oil stains or bottles that are not seen due to negligence will be discarded. Packed into finished products and shipped to warehouse.

Another reason is that the technical workers on the production line are lazy and do not change mold production in time in order to reduce the frequency of mold replacement. After a set of molds has been produced for a long time, excessive temperature will cause bottle sticking. Some workers use frequent oiling to temporarily solve the problem, delaying the production time of a single mold, resulting in a lot of oil stains on some glass bottles.

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2.How can I prevent the glass bottles I receive from having oil stains on them?

A. Find a professional glass bottle manufacturer

Professional manufacturers can save you a lot of unnecessary trouble. For example: A team of skilled workers on the Newray factory production line. Different skilled workers are responsible for different work links. Workers who oil the molds will oil each mold according to the specified time or frequency. The crew leader is responsible for replacing the molds according to the production and use of the molds, to ensure that the yield and quality of products are controlled from the source.

And at the back end of production inspection, the high-precision photography equipment on the Newray automatic inspection line can clearly and tirelessly inspect each delivered glass bottle, and automatically reject bottles with oil stains and other defects or quality problems. It is guaranteed that no glass bottles with oily stains will be packed into the warehouse, thus ensuring that every glass bottle received by customers is smooth and flawless.

Even if a small number of products cannot be accurately inspected by the machine, Newray has corresponding after-sales measures, such as reissuing the quantity of the defective product or deducting the amount of the defective product from the next batch of orders.

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B. To find a third-party inspection company to help you inspect the condition of each batch of goods before they are sent out to see if they meet your requirements.

Whether domestic or foreign, there are many third-party inspection companies, but choosing a third-party inspection company requires careful consideration. A good third-party inspection company is mainly judged from the following aspects:

The first thing to consider is the service scope of each inspection company. Some small inspection companies are regional, and their service scope only covers three or two cities and surrounding areas. When you have several factories that need inspection, and you have to go to different cities, you have to choose a company whose inspection scope covers the whole of China. Inspection companies in most provinces and cities as well as foreign countries in Southeast Asia, Africa, Europe, America and other regions.

The second thing to consider is the cost-effectiveness of the inspection service. Small inspection companies charge low fees, but their professionalism may be poor, and there is a possibility of collusion with suppliers, that is, taking bribes to manipulate inspection reports. The staff of large professional inspection companies are relatively more professional, and the service process will be more professional, comfortable and efficient.

The last thing to consider is the professionalism of the inspection service, that is, the quality of the inspection service. The core of an inspection company is the professionalism of inspection services. Professionalism is mainly reflected in inspection experience and product knowledge. Inspection experience and product knowledge of various consumer products and industrial products make it fully qualified in terms of professionalism. Cargo work and inspection management work.

In short, the purpose of third-party inspection is:

If you discover quality problems that were not discovered or ignored by the factory, raise the issues and negotiate with the factory to resolve them, thus avoiding post-shipment risks.

Verify the quality issues that customers are concerned about and the status of problem resolution to reduce the risk of problems with the goods.

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C. When purchasing glass packaging bottles for foreign trade, please be sure to carefully screen suppliers.

Do not simply consider price factors. Whether the supplier is authentic and reliable, the quality control of the product, whether the strength of the outer packaging can be maintained intact after long-distance transportation, and the supplier’s service Whether it is professional, whether it can help you with customs clearance and tax returns, whether the after-sales service is complete, etc. are all aspects you need to consider. Because the goods are thousands of miles away, and many things are beyond your control, you can only contact your suppliers by phone or email. Reliable and honest suppliers can help you save a lot of unnecessary troubles and will not add some unexpected problems. Newray packaging solutions has been committed to the packaging industry for more than 50 years, exporting to various countries and regions around the world, and enjoys a high reputation. We welcome customers from all over the world to discuss cooperation, and you are also welcome to visit our factory to visit the production process and discuss more professional issues about your customized glass packaging.

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