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Looking At Newray’s Corporate Mission From The Perspective Of Glass Bottle Production

Newray glass bottle production

Newray packaging solutions takes technological transformation as the leader, pays close attention to innovation and development, and achieves new breakthroughs in environmental protection processes, temperature micro-control, quality inspection and internal testing. The level of automation, intelligence, and precision has been greatly improved, and the company’s production scale has also increased from the initial level. The annual output has grown from 50,000 tons to 420,000 tons today. It has expanded from the sole production of glass wine bottles, glass food bottles, and glass food cans to glass medicine bottles, glass aromatherapy bottles, glass bird’s nest bottles, glass seasoning bottles, glass candlesticks, glass beer bottles, etc., the core of the enterprise Competitiveness continues to improve.

Newray glass bottle production

On August 24, the company’s Polish candlestick customers came from afar and visited the Newray factory’s production line, workshop, physical and chemical performance laboratory, mold workshop, and sample room on August 25. Walking into Newray’s production workshop, groups of red “flames” “swish” and “fall” into the mold. After being finalized, the fiery red glass bottles appear hot in front of the customer, and the “ding” emitted by the collision “Ding-dang-dang” sound, crisp and sweet. Every day, millions of glass bottles come out of the Newray glass factory. A lot of customer from domestic and abroad want to come to our workshop to know more about their goods production process and quality control system etc.

Newray glass bottle production

When the customer visited the workshop of the production line, technicians were making final adjustments to the palletizing machine for the products produced online, and checking whether the conveying speed and bottle passing technology were up to standard. At 3 p.m., the upgraded pallet loader was officially put into use, and the machine speed was greatly improved. It is enough to meet customer requirements of 300,000 pieces per day and 8.5 million pieces per month. Gao Hui, manager of the company’s production department, introduced to Polish customers that since the company’s products have been lightweighted, higher requirements have been placed on existing equipment. In the past, Newray’s palletizing machine could pass about 200 bottles per minute. After technical transformation, it can reach 200 bottles per minute. 320-350 per minute, which can basically meet the current high-speed production. Improving efficiency means increasing production capacity

Newray glass bottle production

As the European energy crisis has led to a significant increase in the cost of its glass products, more and more European customers have contacted Newray for the development of new products. The company is seizing the time to meet construction deadlines and secure orders to meet the sudden surge in demand. Newray will transform its technology The project is advanced in time to fully meet the current production needs of domestic and foreign customers.

Newray glass bottles

In addition to carrying out small technical modifications to the loader, the company also actively responded to the national environmental protection and energy conservation and emission reduction policies, investing 150 million yuan to start the technical modification project of No. 1 and No. 2 kilns. By further optimizing the kiln design, combustion system, etc., we can reduce fuel costs while also achieving emission standards. Taking 100 cubic meters of natural gas as an example, in the past, burning 100 tons of glass raw materials could produce 90 tons of qualified glass products. After technological transformation, it can reach about 93 tons. Since the summer of this year, the beer market has grown significantly, and Newray’s corporate development momentum has become stronger.

At the end of August, we launched large-scale cooperation with major domestic and foreign well-known alcohol brands. In response to the increase in beer market demand in summer, the company will go all out to ensure the supply of beer bottles and other products to meet market demand. “Newray will rely on the results of technological innovation to continuously expand the market and promote better development of the enterprise.

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